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Commerce International (CINTL) is one of the leading Bulk Commodity trading companies, with more than 30 years of experience. We pride in our commitment, quality and personalized relationship with our clients. Our operations are a combination of people skills, market knowledge and expertise. Over the years, CINTL has grown and expanded increasing the volume of its trade by giving exceptionally professional and expert services to its buyers.


History of Commerce International

Commerce International (CINTL) is a leading trading company based out of Karachi,
Pakistan. Having been founded in 1970 by seasoned commodity trading experts, CINTL has added various products to its list of trading commodities. Our portfolio of services includes supply of fertilizers, grains, industrial chemicals, agro chemicals, solvents and engineering services. We represent producers and International trading houses dealing in variety of commodities. Acting for the principals, CINTL secured substantial amount of business supplying bulk commodities to its both public and private sector clients.


Turnkey Projects

Commerce International undertook to provide support services required in execution of turnkey engineering projects with our foreign partners. These projects were undertaken and successfully completed.

- Inland transportation of exceptionally bulky equipment and plant
- Installation and commissioning activities at project sites relating to contracts in the
  communications, utilities, oil/gas sectors and supply of local value added items
- Supply of optical Fiber cable and complete Fiber optic communication links on turnkey

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