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CINTL is involved in supplying petroleum since 1990’s to first the ministry of petroleum and now to Pakistan State Oil. Pakistan imports almost 80% of its petroleum needs through imports since the local exploration only meets about 15-20%. CINTL is a vendor for Pakistan State Oil and bid in tenders for the following on behalf of there suppliers:


2. Gas Oil



5. Jet A-1



Pakistan imports almost 2-3 million tons of thermal and almost 1.5 million tons of metallurgical coal for its industries mainly from mines in Indonesia and South Africa.

CINTL has been engaged in Pakistani energy sector for a longtime and continue to work with suppliers in the energy sector to fulfill the local demand by our industries. We have proactively started working with energy companies in public and private sector where coal will play an important role in creating power and also serve industries like cement and steel where coal is an important raw material.




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